Jennifer Garner is returning to TV after 12 years, and we’ve missed her so much

It’s official: Jennifer Garner is coming out of TV retirement. After 12 years away from the small screen, Garner is set to return to TV with a new series at HBO. It’s all happening! Can you believe it’s been over a decade since Alias ended?! Girl, we have missed you so much.

Garner will star in Camping, which comes from Girls creators Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner. And here’s the good news: Camping has already landed an eight-episode order from the premium network, so this isn’t just a potential pilot that might never see the light of day. This is actually happening, y’all: Sydney Bristow is back!

But this isn’t going to be another adrenaline-fueled spy series like her last show, Alias (and no, she won’t be starring opposite Victor Garber, much to our collective disappointment). Based on the U.K. series of the same name created by Julia Davis, Camping tells the story of the “messy, tough and provocative” Kathryn Siddell-Bauers as she plans her husband Walt’s 45th birthday. It was supposed to be a delightful weekend back to nature, at least according to the obsessively organized and aggressively controlling Kathryn. But when the camping trip gathers Kathryn’s meek sister, holier-than-thou ex-best friend, and a free-spirited tagalong in one place, it becomes a weekend of tested marriages and woman-on-woman crime that won’t soon be forgotten.

Listen, Camping may not initially sound like it has anything to do with the CIA or SD-6, but who’s to say that the camping trip isn’t secretly funded by a Rambaldi-like organization with sinister plans for the birthday weekend? Crazier things have happened! And okay, that might be a stretch, but if there are any sightings of coffee ice cream, we’re calling shenanigans. Everyone knows that Francie doesn’t like coffee ice cream. And who knows, maybe Kathryn is planning the birthday weekend as a surprise party. Whoever ends up playing her husband has the perfect opportunity to Will Tippin the crap out of that surprise reaction.

No matter how many or how few connections Camping will have with Alias, the two series share one common denominator: the perfect star at the center of it all. Welcome back to TV (and our hearts), Jennifer Garner.

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