Jennifer Garner revealed a major lie from her past while answering top-googled questions, and we hope no one from her childhood is reading this

The internet is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to information on our favorite celebs. However, when we’re really getting our internet sleuthing hats on, it can be tough to sort internet fact from fiction. And when a celebrity leads a more private life, there can often be a lot more questions than answers on the web. Luckily, one such celebrity, Jennifer Garner, joined up with Wired to answer some of Google’s most-asked questions about her.

Jennifer Garner is one of those actors who just seems like a genuinely nice person, and whether she’s kicking ass as Sydney Bristow or randomly remembering something in the middle of an awards show, we all love Jennifer Garner. So it wasn’t a surprise that Wired was able to find several questions about the actor’s personal life.

Garner is a great sport in the clip, and she also proves to be just like us when she admits to lying to her classmates about being related to famous actor James Garner. Because really, who among us didn’t bend the truth a bit when trying to appear cool in middle school, right? As Garner explains, while there is actually no relation between the two individuals, that didn’t stop her from convincing her classmates all the way through her high school graduation that James Garner was her uncle.  It was a ruse she was able to keep up for years, and that’s Sydney Bristow-level deception, if you ask us.

This video gives us a fun glimpse into Garner as a person. We not only learn that she manages to avoid googling herself (smart woman), but also that she’s a proud member of the Pi Beta Phi Sorority (and remembers the sorority cheer) and that she’s also pretty fluent in Pig Latin. The video also lets us know that she’s kind of a badass, which we all suspected but now know for sure. Not only did Garner practice ballet all through college and a bit in New York City, but she also does all of her own stunts. So basically, she’s graceful and can kick your ass if need be.

We love this cute, fun video, and it’s basically solidified in our minds that we’d love to hang out with Jennifer Garner. She seems like she’s a ton of fun to hang out with, and we’re always looking for a buddy to practice our Pig Latin with.

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