Jennifer Garner Opened Up About Her Kids’ Privilege During Coronavirus

Her Instagram Live meditation turned teary.

Everyone is living through the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic differently. Depending on your location, financial situation, race, age, health, and an endless list of other factors, your experiences are going to vary. For Jennifer Garner, being aware of her family’s privilege has been important to keep in mind during COVID-19, even though the situation is stressful for her, too.

On Tuesday, July 21st, Garner hosted her second guided meditation on IGTV with yoga and meditation instructor Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts. Before beginning the eight-minute meditation, Roberts asked Garner about how she’s experiencing the pandemic. 

“I feel so lucky,” Garner said. “I’ve been in the luckiest possible circumstance. I have a roof. I have food. I have health. And so does my family. I have no complaints. I think right now what I am experiencing…and this is trivial in the overall sense of what the world is going through and there’s so much more than just Covid. But if we’re just focusing on that, I’m really thinking about my kids and what their experience is going to be.”

Garner has three children—14-year old Violet, 11-year-old Seraphina, and 8-year-old Samuel—with ex-husband Ben Affleck. Garner doesn’t post her kids on Instagram, but she has shared a little of what’s been going on in her house during isolation, including a lot of laundry and a relevant poem by her son. 

But while Garner is worried about her kids, she realizes that they’re really privileged, too, compared to other children around the world and within the U.S. 

“They’re so lucky to be in schools that offer—I mean, we have broadband,” the Alias star said. “So many kids in rural America don’t have broadband. We have excellent teachers who can teach over Zoom. That is a one in a million possibility in this world. And yet, it’s also a depressing one.” 

She continued, “What is this year full of transitions going to look like for kids, for my family? How can I keep joy and learning for them or help them just continue to find resilience? And I think that’s where I am. Today.”

Roberts thanked Garner for being so vulnerable in her response, at which point the actor started getting teary. It’s true that her openness is important, and it’s no surprise that she might get emotional talking about her feelings while millions of people watch on.

Speaking with Roberts about handling tough emotions as they build up inside, Garner added, “I think it’s easy to also focus on how lucky you are. And that is true, and I do and I am. But you have to also let the other stuff be there at the same time. It has to coexist…It’s heavy for everyone, and it’s just, you know, how do kids in this world not just live in all this heaviness.”

While, yes, Garner is very privileged, she can still connect with and relate to her 9.4 million followers who are all experiencing COVID-19 in their own way. While everyone’s situation is different, there are plenty of overlaps in our feelings.

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