Jennifer Garner and Bryan Cranston did THIS to get intimate for their new movie “Wakefield,” and we’re now obsessed with them

We all know that when it comes to the movies, there’s nothing quite like stellar acting. After all, we watch movies to be entertained and transfixed by a world outside of our own, and we generally expect that fantasy world to feel pretty darn real.

That’s why it’s so interesting to hear about how Jennifer Garner and Bryan Cranston got into their roles as a couple who had been married for years — after only having known each other a few days for their recently-released film Wakefield.


For a little backstory, Cranston’s character suffers from a mental breakdown in the movie and literally moves into their attic. So from the premise alone, we can imagine that the two needed to really sell the intimacy and complexity of a couple dealing with this sort of emotional situation.

So, how did they bond in rapid time? As Cranston joked in an interview with People/EW, "We went to the day spa and I gave her a mani-pedi."

But in all serious, it turns out the the film’s director put aside an entire day of activities and acting exercises specifically designed to create emotional closeness between two people super fast.

 Cranston called the experience a "crash course in intimacy," and said it essentially took them from "people who had just met" to knowing each other as well as "boyfriend and girlfriend" within the span of a few hours. We have to admit: we find this version of method acting pretty darn adorable.

And here they are at the 2016 Toronto Film Festival for Wakefield, looking as sweet and adorable as a real-life married couple, if you ask us:



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