Jennifer Aniston hilariously tried to put a stop to Vanessa Bayer’s Rachel Green impression on “SNL”

We all love a celebrity impression, especially when it’s just TOO funny. However, it seems that Jennifer Aniston isn’t too impressed with Vanessa Bayer‘s Rachel Green impression on SNL.

We’ve learned a few things recently about Jennifer Aniston recently. Not only did we learn that she once put the co-star of her upcoming movie Office Christmas Party, TJ Miller, in a choke hold, but the star revealed that she also still watches old episodes of Friends, even if there’s no chance that there might be a revival of the series anytime soon.

Well, now Jennifer Aniston has decided to speak out against something else: Vanessa Bayer’s hilarious impression of Rachel Green on SNL.

Firstly, lets refresh our memory of Bayer’s incredible impression.


Well, Aniston decided to drop by this week’s Saturday Night Live in an attempt to put an end to the impression, especially the idea that as Rachel Green she used to speak with a high pitched voice and always sound surprised.

Sitting down with Bayer (who, coincidentally, was dressed like ’90s Rachel Green), Aniston tried to put a stop to the whole thing.

"You know, Friends was like 5 million and five years ago. So I think we've just gotta move on!" she said.

Aniston then proceeded to question whether Bayer’s “bit” was actually that great.

"It kind of just sounds like you're just going, 'Oh,' 'what?' 'wow'."

The pair then hilariously start doing Rachel impressions before saying in unison:

"Oh, Ross!"

To be honest, we can’t stop laughing at this. Until we saw Bayer’s impression, we never thought that Rachel always sounded surprised, but now we can’t STOP seeing it. Also, we can’t help notice that there’s some great comedic chemistry between to the two, too.

What’s more, Bayer and Aniston star together in Office Christmas Party, which is released on December 8th, so we’ll be able to see more of the pair together really soon!

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