Jennifer Aniston would totally do more TV, and what’s she waiting for!?

Despite not starring on the small screen since 2010, Jennifer Aniston says she’s considering returning to TV and we’re 100% behind that decision.

While Aniston has joked in the past about returning to TV, the star has spent the last few years focused on her movie career. And while she’s returned for small cameos, like hilariously cropping up on SNL, it’s been years since we’ve seen Jennifer take on a prolonged role on TV.

Now Jennifer has said that she’s seriously considering returning to the small screen, and we’re freaking out.

Speaking to Variety, the 47-year-old icon, whose latest film The Yellow Birds premieres on January 21st at 2017 Sundance Film Festival, said that thought a lot about returning to TV.

"That’s where the work is. That’s where the quality is," she said. "At this point in my career, I want to be part of wonderful stories, exciting characters, and also just having a good time.

Given that we’re still in the middle of a huge boost in the quality of TV shows that have seen Hollywood A-listers like Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman sign up for shows on HBO, it’s understandable that Jennifer would also want to take part in the renaissance.

Continuing, the actor spoke about how her career goals have changed over the years.

"When you’re in your 20s, going away from home was an adventure — meeting new people, seeing other parts of the country or world was so exciting," she said. "Now it’s really about wanting to stay closer to home and just enjoying your time. It goes really fast. The experience needs to be a good experience. I have no time for the yelling, angry directors, or bad behavior anymore."

Tbh, when you’ve had a career as amazing as Jennifer Aniston’s, we think this is pretty fair.

Jennifer also opened up about her decision to publish a powerful essay with the Huffington Post last year, which saw her take on the toxic way the tabloids talk about her private life.

"I got fed up. I was in a really raw, vulnerable place. I had just lost my mom, and I did it for myself originally as a therapeutic way to deal with the bullshit. I’ve always been advised not to respond, not to speak up, it’ll go away. I was rolling into the 15th year of these preposterous rumors about my fertility status, marital status, singlehood status. I was tired of being shamed for whether I have this or that," she said. "I’m perfectly happy where I am, and that needs to be honored and respected. I’ve worked hard for a lot of years to be reduced down to: 'Is she or isn’t she?' I just felt, write it down, get it all out."

Not only is Jennifer Aniston super inspiring to us, but the concept that we’d get to see more of her on TV makes us super stoked. We’d love to see her take on a gritty Netflix drama or a darkly funny Showtime comedy.

The ball is in your court, Jennifer!

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