Yes, People Are STILL Talking About Jennifer Aniston’s Pandemic Christmas Ornament

Twitter isn't thrilled about her "Our First Pandemic" ornament.

So…we can all agree that 2020 was a year, right? Like, it will probably go down as the absolute worst year in history (at least, we hope it can’t get worse than this). On Christmas, Jennifer Aniston posted a photo of her commemorative 2020 tree ornament that read “Our First Pandemic 2020,” and well, in 2020 fashion, the internet broke in half and squared up, ready for a fight.

Aniston posted the image to her Instagram Story on Christmas Day to the chagrin of many people sitting at home, alone, and away from their family on the holiday, per CDC recommendations. Twitter user @amaaliio summed up their thoughts on the “comedic” ornament plainly—”Jennifer please”—and it seems like the majority of the platform agreed that, Jen, this isn’t something we needed to see today. @amaaliio’s tweet has garnered over 550,000 likes since December 25th.

Clearly, the ornament is a jokey play on those “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments given to new parents during the holidays. The thing is supposed to be funny, albeit funny in a dark way, as is true with most “funny” things that came out of this year. But…being in the thick of the worst coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spike we’ve seen thus far and watching the global death toll tick upward, passing 333,000, many couldn’t let Aniston get away with this “joke.”

Some blamed it on Aniston being a celebrity, therefore being out of touch with what the everyday person/essential worker/middle-class American/COVID-19 victim has had to go through during the past nine months.

Others just couldn’t believe that the ornament existed in the first place, nor why someone would buy It, then post it online, to commemorate such an abhorrent year.

Some were not as quick to cancel, though, simply because Aniston was trying to add a bit of humor into a bad situation. Sure, it maybe wasn’t that bright to post a photo of the ornament to her millions of followers, but trying to cope with humor is how some people get through dark times.

And it’s not as though Aniston has been silent throughout the pandemic. She’s been using her platform to spread awareness about wearing masks, social distancing, and voting in the election. She even shared the gut-wrenching story of her friend Kevin who battled the virus early on and nearly lost his life.

The moral of this story is that Aniston should have probably read the room before she broadcasted her latest addition to her ornament collection to her Instagram following. Whether or not you find it funny is up to you and your sense of humor.

Let’s just hope Aniston doesn’t know something we don’t. This better be our first and last, Jennifer.

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