Jennifer Aniston’s New Puppy is Actually *the* Cutest Thing in the World

Aniston's video of little Lord Chesterfield is beyond adorable.

Oh, to be an innocent little puppy rescued by A-lister Jennifer Aniston during the chaos that is the year 2020. Aniston posted a video of her brand new (and absolutely adorable) rescue puppy, Lord Chesterfield, and it’s so pure that we almost forgot about all the bad vibes this year has thrown our way.

Hi! I’d like to introduce to you the newest member of our 🐾 family….this is (a very tired) Lord Chesterfield, Aniston captioned the October 10th video. He stole my heart immediately.

And obviously, with those floppy paws and little pink belly, Chesterfield stole our hearts, too.

“Chesterfield, have you fallen asleep with your bone in your mouth?” Aniston whispered in the video. “I think you have.” He was just working away at that rawhide bone so hard, he had no choice but to take a tiny nap to regain his energy!

Lily Collins commented, “I actually cannot deal with this cuteness. The name, the pose, everything. Congrats!!!!” And Millie Bobby Brown commented several love-related emojis, while Poppy Delevingne added, “Heart. Melt.”

Lord Chesterfield is the latest addition to Aniston’s pack, which includes her Schnauzer mix, Clyde (who recently gave us all a good reminder to vote), and her pitbull named Sophie.

Aniston continued in the caption of her video, “A HUGE thank you to @wagmorpets for the incredible work you do. Grateful you take such great care of these rescues and find them their forever homes.”

The Wagmore Pet Hotel & Spa, an organization run by former horror actress Melissa Bacelar, posts images of available rescue pups that are currently up for adoption every day so those who follow on Instagram can find their doggy soul mates. You can donate to the organization via Venmo (@DogsInNeed) or through the Wagmore GoFundMe.

We’ll be expecting many more puppy videos from Aniston—Lord Chesterfield is much too cute to keep all to herself.

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