The ‘Friends’ Cast Named Their Fave Guest Stars, and Jennifer Aniston Had the Sweetest Answer

Our nostalgic hearts can't take it.

With the long-awaited Friends reunion just around the corner, the cast of the ’90s sitcom have been reminiscing on the good times more than ever. Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow (aka Rachel Green, Monica Geller, and Pheobe Buffay) got together for an interview with Access Hollywood‘s Kit Hoover to discuss some memories from their time on the show. While the interviewer asked several questions about the friendships between cast members and their time on set, one question, in particular, has us especially nostalgic.

Hoover asked the Friends women to name their favorite celebrity guest stars on the show—and the list is a long one. The women were quick to call out names, including Ben Stiller, who Kudrow said was “really funny,” Reese Witherspoon, who Aniston said was “brilliant,” and Tom Selleck, who Cox said was the “sweetest.” (However, they actresses and the interviewer then decided that Selleck, who played Monica’s older boyfriend Richard, counted as basically the seventh friend.) They also named celebrities like Aisha Tyler, Alec Baldwin, Brooke Shields, and Charlie Sheen.

The name that had us the most excited, however, was Brad Pitt. Aniston, who was married to the Fight Club star for five years in the early 2000s, was the one who made the mention.

“Mr. Pitt was wonderful,” she said, adding him to the long list of their favorite guest stars. Kudrow, agreed, saying, “He was fantastic.”

While it was a quick mention, our nostalgic hearts were happy to hear Aniston reflect lovingly on her time with Pitt on the show. His was quite the appearance, too. Though Pitt was only on one episode of Friends (Season 8’s “The One With the Rumor”), he received an Emmy nomination at the time. In the episode, he played an old friend named Will Colbert, who was the president of the “I Hate Rachel Green Club” in high school—a role made especially funny with the context that Pitt was married to Aniston at the time.

Following the former couple’s viral reunion at the 2020 SAG awards, it’s clear that we’re all rooting for the two to get back together—and many of us will cling to something like Aniston’s quick name drop as a sign of a reignited flame. However, the stars have made it clear that they’re not romantically involved.

“There’s nothing romantic going on between Brad and Jen and they actually think it’s hysterical that fans are so obsessed with them getting back together,” a source told Us Weekly in 2020.

Even if Brad and Jenn aren’t due for another romance, though, one thing is for sure: The Friends cast hasn’t lost their bond. Interviewer Hoover asked the women of the show about the theme song tagline, “I’ll be there for you” and how true it has been for the members of the cast over the years.

“Very true and forever and ever until the day we die,” Aniston said.

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