Everything we know about Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Mean Girls’ sequel

What happens when Mean Girls grow up? That’s what we’re going to find out in the latest self-help book turned movie from Rosalind Wiseman. She wrote Queen Bees And Wannabes, which grew up to become Mean Girls, the best movie ever made. She’s also wrote Queen Bee Moms And King Pin Dads: Dealing With The Parents, Teachers, Coaches, And Counselors Who Can Make — or Break — Your Child’s Future, which is now being adapted into a film with a much shorter title: Mean Moms.

Could this really be the second coming of Mean Girls? That’s what everyone’s saying. Dubbed the “spiritual sequel” to our favorite 2004 comedy, this one focuses on the adult world of female competition.

Though the film won’t be helmed by the great Tina Fey, it’s probably, maybe, hopefully going to star Jennifer Aniston. So there’s that. Our beloved Rachel Green is reportedly in talks to play one of the “mean” moms. (Are we talking Regina George mean? We need to know!)

Already, the movie has locked down director Sean Anders, who worked with Aniston on We’re The Millers and Horrible Bosses 2. That alone makes us believe Aniston’s down for yet another collab—though her involvement hasn’t been officially confirmed. Still, Deadline boldly claims the movie is “reuniting” Anders and Aniston, and Variety basically confirms she’s involved.

As for the movie, all we know, via Deadline, is that it centers around a small-town mom of two who moves to the “high class suburbs” and faces the “cutthroat world of competitive parenting.” That sounds just like Cady returning from Africa, and having to navigate the treacherous lunchroom, while also trying to figure out if butter’s a carb.

Jennifer, in case you’re looking for a second opinion, this Mean Girls spin-off sounds so very fetch. And you are the grown-up Cady (or Regina?) we’ve always wanted. Let’s do this!

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