Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux just showed us all how to selfie for a good cause

It’s been three weeks since Justin Theroux joined Instagram, and our wildest dreams have come true: He and Jennifer Aniston have finally posted a selfie together. But not just any selfie… a selfie that encourages us to help out those in need.

The pic, which was posted yesterday, shows the two lovebirds decked out in snow gear on a sunny slope, being adorable. “Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!” he wrote in the caption. Then, the couple urged Justin’s followers to donate to their fave holidays “if there’s any Xmas cheddar leftover.” Those charities?

Those charities? St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Best Friends Animal Society, Austin Pets Alive, North Shore Animal League, Doctors Without Borders, and… Jimmy Kimmel. OK, OK, he’s joking about that last one. But we love these charities (and the heavy focus on animal rights!).

This has been a huge year for Jen and Justin, who got hitched earlier this year and kept very hush-hush about their wedding. And, although we totally understood their need for privacy, we couldn’t help but be totally excited about the details. Like, were Chandler, Joey, Monica, Ross, and Phoebe there? Later on, we discovered that Courteney Cox (who was Jen’s maid of honor, DAW) and Lisa Kudrow were there. Oh, and Jimmy Kimmel officiated the wedding… but that hasn’t stopped him from being the butt of the couple’s jokes.

Happy holidays to our fave celeb couple and we can’t wait to see the excellent selfies to come.

(Image via Instagram.)

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