Jennifer Aniston’s idyllic honeymoon included a scary near-death experience

The honeymoon is meant to be a time for newlyweds to grow closer together after the chaos of their wedding. Well, for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, it almost separated them for life.

Scary, but true: Justin Theroux nearly died on his honeymoon!

Theroux shared his harrowing near-death experience during an appearance on LIVE with Kelly and Michael, describing in detail how he nearly drowned while scuba diving in Bora Bora.

While Theroux had taken some scuba diving lessons and felt fairly confident in the water, during the couple’s second day in the water they were joined by a new scuba diver whose English wasn’t as proficient. After the group dove down pretty deep, Theroux realized that his oxygen tank was on red. Yikes! He tried to alert the instructor, who didn’t seem that worried. In fact, the instructor motioned for Theroux to keep swimming.

Theroux grew more concerned as his oxygen continued to dissipate. Just in time, the instructor grabbed his emergency respirator and stuck it into Theroux’s mouth. While this was supposed to provide Theroux relief, it actually sent water shooting down his throat!

“So now I’m coughing and hacking underwater,” the actor said. “You’re brain goes to this crazy place. You’re like, Oh my god, this is a plot to kill me on my honeymoon.”

Luckily, Theroux made it to the surface, where he was joined by his loving wife. Of course neither of the two have gone scuba diving since– not that we blame them! We are so, so glad that Theroux was all right, and that the incident resulted in a freaky tale, not a full-blown tragedy. Also, we appreciate that this story serves as a cautionary tale. If you’re going to dive into the depths, make sure to quadruple-check your equipment and go with a guide whom you are 100% certain you can clearly communicate with if a crisis arises.

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