Jennifer Aniston Said Her ‘Friends’ Outfits Were Designed With One Goal in Mind

This is how we should all approach our work wardrobes.

There’s no question that Rachel Green is a style icon—she was arguably the best dressed out of all of the Friends cast. After all, for much of the series, she worked at Ralph Lauren, so she really didn’t have an excuse to slack on the fashion. But as it turns out, there was a little extra thought that went into Jennifer Aniston‘s wardrobe on set…and it all comes back to comfort.

Though it’s hard to deny that Rachel (along with Monica and sometimes even Phoebe) wore a lot of dresses and skirts on the shorter side and midriff-baring tops, as Aniston told Howard Stern this week on his Sirius XM show, it wasn’t to increase the sexual appeal of the show.

According to Aniston herself, she and her castmates wore what they considered comfortable outfits on set.

“No one was saying, ‘Girls, your outfits need to be tighter and smaller and skimpier.’ Absolutely no way,” Aniston said on Stern’s Sirius XM radio show, according to Page Six. “It was just sort of what we felt comfortable in.”

And to be totally fair, it was the ’90s—the clothes they wore were what was trendy at the time (and conveniently also happen to be coming back into style right now).

Lisa Kudrow also talked about Phoebe’s wardrobe choices. Since she wore more flowy clothes and had a different body type from Aniston and Courteney Cox, she said that her costume fittings “were not fun.”

“It’s not that I felt horrible around them,” she said of doing her fittings alongside Aniston and Cox. “I have a different body type. I’m just bigger and sometimes the clothes, when I’d see the show, were so sort of full of volume.”

All three of them always looked good, though, serving up major style inspiration that has managed to stay relevant even now, more than 15 years after the Friends series finale aired. And honestly, we should all embrace the comfort element of Aniston’s onscreen wardrobe. What you feel good in is what you should wear!

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