Jennifer Aniston apparently got a little too into her acting in “Office Christmas Party”

While all actors commit to their roles, we often don’t give comedic ones the recognition they deserve. Well, this ends now. According to TJ Miller, Jennifer Aniston got a little too into her acting in Office Christmas Party. She stood out amongst a stellar cast by putting him in a chokehold! Maybe it was Jennifer Aniston’s trend inspiring hair that helped her during filming? Either that or her enviable workout regiment.

TJ went on The Ellen Show to explain just how taken aback he was by Jennifer. She gave it her all during the filming and everyone took notice. She put him in such a fierce chokehold that he actually choked. TJ also told the story of how he had to get an IV placed into his arm on set. He got dehydrated while rapping.

Sounds like both Miller and Jennifer Aniston were SERIOUSLY dedicated to this movie.

First of all, who would have guessed that Jennifer Aniston had that much rage inside of her? She seems like such a calm person! Goes to show you that actors are truly multidimensional. If that isn’t enough of a shock, her revelation about not liking the Friends theme song will surely do the trick. Apparently, the entire cast of the hit show agrees.

  Jennifer recently made her own appearance on Ellen’s show.  She also talked openly about tabloids and their unfair treatment of women.

During her interview, Jennifer explained that tabloids exploit narratives for profit. They pin actresses against each other and point out flaws. As a result, women’s true accomplishments are ignored while emphasis is put on them having children. Jennifer encourages the audience to stop reading those things. Pick up a good book instead! Don’t give them your business.

BTW, Office Christmas Party is chock-full of amazing people, including Aniston and Miller, along with Olivia Munn, Kate Mckinnon, and a million others. Check out the trailer:

It looks hysterical! The film comes out on December 9th, 2016.

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