Stop crying, the “Jane the Virgin” showrunner promises *that* character will come back again

We never thought we’d say this, but we’re pretty upset that Jane the Virgin isn’t a zombie show because that would allow Brett Dier, aka Michael, to return to the show full time.

Luckily, although we don’t get Michael back full-time, you can stop crying for at least a minute: Brett Dier will definitely be back.

Since Jane the Virgin frequently uses flashbacks to flesh out the story and the characters, finding this out means we haven’t seen the last of Michael. But still, when this happened we were pretty emotional and we WEREN’T THINKING STRAIGHT. So we’re glad that showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman is here to talk us down off our ledge.

In a letter on Tumblr to fans, Jennie confirmed that we’ll be “flashing back to those three years and filling in gaps,” so luckily, there’s more Michael to come, although it might just break our hearts more.

She also revealed that Michael’s death has been predestined from the beginning, which we’re a little surprised by…but it does make us feel a little better about something else Jennie addresses in her letter to fans. The timing! Man oh man, is the world a mess lately, and we, like many, tune into Jane the Virgin obviously because we love the characters and the writing, but also because it makes us happy! Which isn’t to say that Jane doesn’t often tug at our heartstrings, and that it doesn’t tell serious, meaningful stories, but we always check out of the show with a smile.

"I’ve had so many tweets lately about how Jane is a bright spot these days. And I know you just watched a gut punch of an episode.  So, I just wanted to reassure you that Jane’s optimism will rise up."

We appreciate the comfort, and the consideration and compassion with which Jennie treats her fans (something certain showrunners could definitely take more than a few cues from.) We’re sure Jane will emerge from this heartbreaking pall soon, and be all the stronger for it…which is exactly the sort of narrative we need right now.

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