This blogger’s hilarious take on 100 layers of makeup will make your face hurt

The 100-layer makeup trend has been around for a couple years now. Across all social media channels, you can find weirdly satisfying (or horrifying, depending on how you look at it) videos and photos of people applying 100 coats of nail polish (here’s the mountainous result, in case you’re curious) or mascara or Kylie Jenner’s lip kit.

So if anyone was going to parody the 100-layer makeup trend while also taking it up a notch it would be Jenna Marbles, who has made a career out of her hilarious commentary videos, many of which focus on ridiculous makeup trends.

After falling into a wormhole of 100-layer makeup videos, Jenna decided to take the trend to the extreme, combining 100 layers of a bunch of different products in one video, in her signature hilarious style.

So what all is Jenna layering on? One-hundred layers of the following:

Foundation, liquid lipstick, glitter nail polish, fake eyelashes (50 pairs per eye), hair spray, and sunless tanner.

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Here’s the hilarious result:

Our face hurt after watching this video. Partially from laughing so hard and partially out of empathy for Jenna’s own poor face.

Jenna, someone had to take this trend to its logical conclusion, and we are so glad it was you.

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