Jenna Fischer is officially clearing up that The Office rumor about Pam’s ring from Jim

Guys, stop trying to make “real-life Jim and Pam” happen. It’s not going to happen. When one fan asked Jenna Fischer, who played Pam Beesly on The Office, if she still wore the engagement ring John Krasinski’s Jim Halpert gave her in Season 5, Fischer had to clear up the rumor once again. Guys, Fischer and Krasinski love each other—just not like that.

On April 20th, Fischer posted a photo to Instagram of herself and her real husband, film director Lee Kirk, enjoying some outside time amid quarantine.

“Day 36? Something like that,” she captioned the post. “Kids watching Trolls 2. Me and Hubby having a Shelter-In Date in the yard: Coffee and bird watching. Stay safe everyone!”

Though most comments were ones you would expect (How’s Trolls 2? You guys look great. Is your husband your lactation consultant?), one comment stood out so much that Fischer had to address it. “Yooo, do you still wear that ring John Krasinski gave you???” one follower wrote. “It’s a weird question but I kept hearing that you do. Or did.”

Fischer fired back, “What a terrible rumor! Of course not! I wear the ring my actual husband of 10 years gave me!”

Although it seems as though this rumor may be news to Fischer, she had to address the same question years prior. According to Today, Fischer told Jay Leno in 2013 that she kept Pam’s prop engagement ring (among other mementos) after The Office wrapped its final season.

However, just because she kept it doesn’t mean she wears it in her day-to-day life, as she stated on Twitter in 2017.

So, no. Jenna Fischer does not wear the engagement ring her character received from John Krasinski’s character. We love the Jim-and-Pam relationship as much as the next Office fan. But remember, people: It’s all fiction.

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