OMG, Jenna Fischer posted a photo with Pam Beesly’s UK counterpart, Dawn Tinsley

What happens when two offices collide? Well, their receptionists probably end up bonding a bit. Jenna Fischer posed with Lucy Davis in this incredible #tbt that definitely got our attention. Who is Lucy Davis, you may ask? Well, let’s just say that she helped lead the way for one of our favorite characters, and one of our favorite shows. She starred in the original version of The Office that aired in the UK.

In the original series, Davis played Pam Beesly’s UK counterpart, Dawn Tinsley.

In fact, Dawn and Tim Canterbury were the “Jim and Pam” of the original show. If it weren’t for their chemistry, we may have never gotten the chance to witness a Niagara Falls wedding between our favorite television couple. Heck, we may not have even gotten a Michael Scott.

While we love photos that Fischer posts with another famous blonde, best friend Angela Kinsey, the photo above is pretty adorable. Plus, that caption is pretty flattering. It’s obvious that in Fischer’s eyes, Davis helped set the pace and structure for Pam.

While the two characters definitely branched in different directions (as they should have, since the United States version of The Office had seven more seasons than the original) knowing that both casts are so fond of each other is just plain sweet.

We love it when Fischer reminisces about her time on set. The more we can hear about The Office, the better.

As of now, Fischer is working on a project that’ll be out this year, called The Guest Book. The 10-part anthology series, which is set to come out this year, boasts a pretty impressive cast. Besides Fischer, we’ll be able to see the likes of Kate Micucci, Stockard Channing, and Mary Lynn Rajskub.

We can’t wait for Fischer to make us laugh again!

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