The official trailer for Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson’s new divorce comedy is here, and it’s amazing

ABC just released the trailer for its upcoming comedy Splitting Up Together, and it makes divorce look like a lot of fun. The show casts The Office’s Jenna Fischer and Nashville’s Oliver Hudson as new divorcees, attempting to make co-parenting a smooth ride. But, in retrospect, their teamwork sparks the chemistry they thought they lost.

Executive produced by Ellen Degeneres, the comedy is based on a Danish series by the same name. And because everything that Ellen touches turns to gold (just keep swimming, anyone?), we know this show is bound to be a gem.

We have to admit, the premise is super predictable, but that’s what we love about it. The storyline feels so familiar. And with Fischer and Hudson leading the charge, we won’t be able to contain our fandom.

Try to watch the trailer without falling in love with the show. We dare you.

Leave it to ABC to put us in our romantic comedy feels. We’ll totally keep our ear to the ground for any new first-looks. Because, after feasting our eyes on this adorableness, we’re dying to see more.

And we’re so looking forward to seeing where this storyline goes. Could Fischer and Hudson’s characters actually give love another try? Or, will their reignited attraction for one another turn into multiple seasons of cat and mouse games? Only time will tell, and we’re calling shotgun on this television ride.

On another note, how perfect would it be if the writers hid The Office Easter eggs in this series? Ok, so we know we’re total fangirls for the long-standing comedy. But, you have to admit… It would be pretty cool to have Fischer reference the cult classic a time or two.

An official air date has yet to be confirmed, but rest assured that when ABC says something is “coming soon,” it’s definitely on its way.