Jenna Dewan totally reminded us she was the love interest in this super steamy Ricky Martin video

For most of us, our intro to Mrs. Jenna Dewan was either in 2006’s Step Up, or American Horror Story: Asylum. Or so we thought! Turns out we’ve met before, long ago, nestled within a sexy Latino pop star sandwich. Don’t believe us? Here’s Jenna Dewan Tatum in Ricky Martin’s “Juramento” music video circa 2003. In it,a desert full of Rickys (you read that right) fights over the super babely Jenna the only way they know how — through sultry Spanish lyrics and lots of tight white t-shirts. Jenna’s tanned and toned bod is mesmerizing, even in total black and white, and hair flips? Wait till you see how many. Have we mentioned lately that we miss the 2000s?

Jenna Dewan is white hot fire in this Ricky Martin vid from 2003. Nothing’s changed, girl.

So sexy! No wonder all of our moms were into Ricky Martin in the ’90s. We get it now.

The actress, model, dancer, wife, mother, superhero tweeted the above tweet a few years ago citing a #tbt even then. The internet loves this couple’s connection to Mr. Vida Loca, seeing at Jenna’s husband Channing Tatem (ever heard of him?) had also been in a Ricky vid in 2000. As Cosmo so lovingly points out, his parts are itty bitty. “Slow down the video and catch him at 1:04, 1:31, and 2:59, and enjoy.”

What an amazing video yearbook the Tatems can give their children one day. “Yes, that is mommy, dancing in the desert with a fleet of Ricky Martin clones,” and “yes, that is daddy, tending bar with million-pack abs.” If you ever needed an answer to why these two belong together, look no further than the anthology of everyone’s favorite black-leather-pants wearing Puerto Rican superstar. This blast from the past has got us locked in for at least a few hours on Youtube. Thanks, Jenna!

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