Jenna Dewan Tatum is serving us serious ’70s Cher vibes with her new long hair

In keeping with her commitment to a flowing yet distinct style, Jenna Dewan Tatum’s new hair is giving us serious ’70s Cher vibes. The actress and dancer’s new long shaggy hair look has both the length and glossy texture we often associate with Cher in the prime of her career.

If we’re lucky, this new look means Jenna Dewan will bless and surprise us with a rousing cover of “Don’t Hide Your Love.” We can already envision Channing premiering his new alter-ego which fuses the persona of Sonny with Magic Mike’s sensual body rolls.

Regardless of whether Jenna Dewan intended to channel Cher, we see it and we like it.

Do you see it?

Look at baby Cher, so precious.


A portrait of Jenna backstage, getting ready to dance under the hot lights and greet her fans.

Celebrity hairstylist, Kristin Ess, styled Jenna’s new ‘do and clearly we can’t get over how chic and divine it is! This isn’t the first time Kristin styled the brunette beauty’s hair like Cher’s either. Remember this flowy, wavy hairdo? GORGEOUS!

A portrait of Cher in her home, writing and contemplating her art before facing the world.

Her bed looks absolutely incredible.


Can we make a request that Jenna Dewan goes full-on and channels this look every day and forever?

We have a feeling Cher would approve!

Again, maybe we could get a #TBT duo vibe from Jenna and Channing in honor of Sonny and Cher.

The ideal would be a trio with Cher featured.

The real takeaway here is that we’re a fan of this hairstyle, whether it’s on Cher or Jenna, it just works.

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