Jenna Dewan shared a photo of the moment she got engaged to Steve Kazee

With a baby on the way, Jenna Dewan already had a lot to look forward to. And now, she has even more exciting times coming. Late last night, February 18th, actress and dancer Dewan got engaged to boyfriend Steve Kazee, and the story behind the ring is absolutely adorable.

“A lifetime to love and grow with you…you have my heart,” Dewan captioned her Instagram post announcing their engagement.

Kazee shared the same photo adding Water Liars lyrics, “When you wake in the morning I will kiss your face with a smile no one has ever seen. When you wake in the morning I will kiss your eyes and say it’s you I have loved all these years.”

Friend Rumor Willis commented on Dewan’s photo, “Congratulations to both of you beautiful souls, you two are a true reflection of soul mates and love. So happy for you.” Actress and BFF Nikki Reed wrote, “Congratulations to two of the most beautiful people on the planet. Forever and ever.”

And if you’re not crying just yet, wait until you see the pics on Dewan’s Instagram Story.

Kazee looks like he was shedding a few tears during the engagement—and now we definitely are, too. Luckily, a pal captured the moment on camera so we can all take a look at the intimate moment.


The gorgeous oval-shaped ring is more than just an arbitrary piece of bling. Reed, who founded the sustainable jewelry brand Bayou with Love, helped Kazee make Dewan’s engagement ring from scratch.

“An honor to be a very small part of this special moment. I love you both, and all I can say is your love is pure magic," Reed shared via her Instagram Story. "Steve, making this with you was such a beautiful experience. Thank you for loving Jenna the way you do."


Reed also wrote, “And I might be biased, but that ring is gorgeoussssss!” She’s absolutely not wrong. We’re sending massive congratulations to Dewan and Kazee (and Reed for making such a beautiful piece of jewelry). 2020 is definitely Dewan’s year.

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