Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan’s daughter has the most adorable Christmas wishlist

It’s the holiday season, which means we should all devote extra attention to peace on Earth, generosity and um, how do we put this gently — PRESENTS. Give us gifts, everyone! Before you judge, we’re simply taking a cue from the Christmas wishlist of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan’s daughter, Everly.

Even 3-year-old Everly knows that 2016 has been the worst year in history, so like us, she rightfully deserves to be pampered and showered with gifts for awesome people that uplift and spread copious amounts of joy, including a new swing set, glitter, and princess dresses.

As MTV reports, Dewan posted her daughter’s holiday wishlist on Instagram on Thursday, and aside from the absence of adult beverages, it fights right in with our plan of attack to ensure that this year goes out with a fairy tale-themed bang because real life is less than magical at the moment.

For a celebrity kid, we’d have to say this is a pretty tame list. Sounds like Everly already understands that the glitter trend isn’t just for lips, and we love how she realizes the significant role that signage plays in our lives. Like, a purple stop sign?! Kids always think of all the cool stuff first, but since Dewan previously revealed that Everly’s style consists mostly of purple stuff, we should’ve seen this coming.

Anyway, we totally get why she’s a little indecisive about the “new rocks and treasures and sea animals,” because having a pet rock is actually a little lame (or so we’ve heard, ahem), but we are *so* gonna add glitter for the fairies and an Elza Pez dispenser to our holiday wishlists because we need all the happy we can get right now.