Jena Malone used a stunt double in ‘Mockingjay: Part Two,’ but it’s not what you think

When Mockingjay: Part Two star Jena Malone sat down with Jimmy Kimmel last night, he asked her the question we’d all been wondering: what was it like to have a shaved head? Where we left off in Mockingjay Part One, her character Johanna Mason had been captured by the Capitol. While District 13 managed to rescue her, she arrived in horrible condition, bruised with her head shaved. But, Malone assures us, that wasn’t actually her head.

Well, sometimes it was. She explains to Kimmel that she had to wear a bald cap, as well as being heavily CGIed to make her condition look real. Sometimes, she confesses, they also had an actually bald stunt double in to play her, so luckily Malone’s hair remained untouched.

Not that she wouldn’t have shaved it for the role! This actually would have been the third time she dramatically got rid of her own hair because, like her character, this lady has no fear.

In order to see her character in all her glory, hair or no hair, we have to wait a few more days (!!!) until November 20th. Until then, you can watch the full clip from the interview below!

(Image via YouTube)