Jena Malone just got super real about struggling with depression as a new mom

ICYMI, we’re big Jena Malone fans. The actress recently opened up about the challenges she faces just like the rest of us. On Instagram, Malone got super real about struggling with depression as a new mom.

Whether you’re a mother in the same situation, know of one, or face depression yourself, Malone’s honest post will definitely resonate with you.

As you know, the actress has a lot of fans. She’s been in many of our favorite movies, from Saved! to The Hunger Games. Malone has been settling into a new role: mom. Her son, whose beautifully unique name is Ode Mountain, was born in May of 2016. Though being a new mother seems like a happy occasion, Malone reminded us that it can be tough as well.

Here’s Malone’s heartfelt and honest post.

We want to go give Malone a big hug right now. Fans were unbelievably supportive as well, sharing their own stories of postpartum depression in the comments. They also let her know that things ~will~ get better.

Here’s Malone’s sweet Instagram post from last year when Ode Mountain was born.

And here’s a picture Malone posted less than two weeks ago.

We know that depression is a very real struggle, and we hope Malone feels less alone now that she’s talking about it openly. Other celebrity moms have opened up about their postpartum depression too, such as Sarah Michelle Gellar and Hayden Panettiere, who went to rehab for hers.

We hope that Malone finds the support system that’s best for her. Sharing her experiences on Instagram is a great way to begin. Postpartum depression can affect anybody, whether you’re an actress or not. We’re thinking about her and wishing her the best.

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