Jemima Kirke just filled our lives with body positivity wisdom

Jemima Kirke will be the first to tell you that she is much more than Jessa, the larger-than-life, semi-autobiographical character she portrays on Girls. Yes, acting is a big part of her life, but she’s also an artist (with a degree from the Rhode Island School of Design), a mother-of-two—and now our favorite unofficial body positivity spokesperson.

In a recent interview with lifestyle website Refinery29, Kirke absolutely turned the played out “this-is-how-I-stay-thin” conversation on its head, speaking intimately about her own struggles and triumphs with body positivity, fitness, and self-love before she starts filming season 5 of the HBO show. Here, some of the best takeaways:

Kirke on how she personally combats negative body image

On the unhealthy way women sometimes view their bodies

On why she was initially attracted to working with her trainer, Cadence Dubus

On the origins of her own body image struggles

On protecting her 4-year-old daughter from the pitfalls of body image

On the problem society seems to have with Lena Dunham showing her body on Girls

On why Dunham inspires her

To read more about Jemima Kirke and body positivity, head to Refinery29 for the whole story.

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