Jelly nails is the latest trend taking over Instagram

If you’re looking for a refreshing new summer look for your nails, look no further than the jelly manicure trend.

We’re seeing these pretty translucent tips all over our timelines, and we aren’t mad about it. They’re also being referred to as “see-through nails” or “glass nails,” and they are so pretty. (You could say jelly nails are our jam.)

Unlike jelly sandals, they don’t come with a blistery break-in period. They won’t hurt like a jellyfish sting, either, but they’re guaranteed to stun! The look is achieved by applying a clear translucent tip to the nail or sculpting it with a clear extension like hard gel. Paint on a translucent bright (or not-so-bright) polish for a cute, clear but not basic look. Ask your manicurist to create them for you in the salon, or if you’re brave and skilled you can try it at home. (Careful with that glue, though.)

The looks we’re seeing are refreshingly fruity! Shades of marmalade, cherry, peach, lemon curd, rhubarb, and even jalapeño are absolutely mouthwatering. Some folks are doing darker looks too, because who says summer can’t be a little dark and mysterious?

Are you ready for this jelly?

Sporty nice.

Pink jelly nails with the Nike swoosh? Just do it.

Purple passion.

Even opaque grape is great.

A nice sampling.

Scroll through for some of the flyest nails of the summer.

Green + glitter.

Add a little texture for a very glam jam.

Pull up in the lemon.

Tart and bright yellow are summery AF.

We’re sure we’ll be seeing this trend through the end of the summer and beyond.

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