Jeffrey Tambor hopes “Transparent” can educate viewers about the transgender military ban

We’re four seasons into Transparent and we’re still on the edge of our seats. This has never been a show to avoid the uncomfortable or push ideals lightly, which is so important right now. Transparent star Jeffrey Tambor recently spoke with Us Weekly about the in-your-face realness that is Season 4 and explained the effect of the military ban.

On its own, the Amazon original series is a force.

In every episode, we’re presented with groundbreaking visuals that highlight the importance of unity, representation, and political awareness. Tambor has been candid about what his character Maura has taught him. He’s made statements, both on and off set, calling attention to the discrepancies of representation in Hollywood. And he reminds us to be aware of how Trump’s America affects the lives of trans people in our own country.

When asked how Transparent has empowered him, Tambor mentioned the transgender military ban.

“Something I’ve been harping on and I’m serious about is the military ban. It makes me get in my car faster and get to Paramount Studios," Tambor told Us Weekly. "I think there is hatred, but I think there is fear. The real big thing is ignorance. I love that we get through to the human. We don’t lecture and we don’t wag our finger didactically. I think this show has a chance to change the playing field.

Transparent is as empowering as it is honest. As it inspires others to stand up for trans rights and marginalized people, it is cultivating a space for more awareness in Hollywood as well as in our daily lives. Because, if the show taught us anything, being Transparent is the first step to making a change.

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