Jeffree Starr is coming out with his version of a “neutral” eyeshadow palette and we are so curious to see it

It looks like beauty vlogger Jeffree Star is releasing his own palette of neutral eyeshadows, but with a promised twist. Honestly, we’d be disappointed in the brand if there wasn’t one!

Usually known for his bright and bold colors, Star describes his new 10-shade Androgyny palette as neutral, “but with a twist,” and we are so curious to see what the eyeshadow palette has in store. On an Instagram post showing the cover of the palette, Star promises sneak peeks and shade reveals to be coming soon. Androgyny appears to be the exact same size and shape as the original Beauty Killer palette from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

The new palette is part of Jeffree’s plan to expand his company to be more than just a liquid lipstick empire. We are sure to see a slow expansion of products that began last year with items such as the Skin Frost highlighter — so icy!

Beauty Killer, Jeffree’s first eyeshadow palette was anything but neutral!

We cant wait to see what kind of “neutrals” the Androgyny palette holds, as well as what sort of finishes they might have. Jeffree products usually have some sort of shimmer, could we possibly see some matte finishes?

We’ll find out soon, when the Androgyny palette is released in March!

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