Jeff Goldblum knows we’re doing impressions of him — and he likes it

Jeff Goldblum is a complete and utter gift to humanity. He’s portrayed some truly iconic roles, and he’s one of those Hollywood crushes that many of us have where he just seems to get sexier with age. Of course, while we could talk forever about what a delight Jeff Goldblum is, how funny and kind he is, or how attractive he is, we’d be missing one of the most iconic things about him: His mannerisms.

There aren’t many people out there who have such a unique speaking style except for maybe someone like Christopher Walken. But unlike Walken, it seems that almost everyone has at least a mildly workable impersonation of Jeff Goldblum — or at least everyone thinks they do. Whether you’re, uh, uh, uh, just, you know, ahh, mimicking his speaking patterns, or you are able to expertly recreate the way he moves and sounds, it seems like we all have a bit of Goldblum that we all like to show off at parties.

Of course, you’ve got to wonder how the source of this legion of impersonations feels about this bizarre form of flattery. It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to be such an iconic part of pop culture that everyone and their mom has attempted to act like you in a social setting at least once. While it’s hard to know how you or I would feel if we were in Goldblum’s shoes, he revealed on Conan that he feels nothing but flattery.

We love how quickly Goldblum not only says that he loves every impression that he’s seen of himself, but he also jumps on the chance to ask Conan O’Brien for his Jeff Goldblum impression. Of course, O’Brien says he doesn’t so much impersonate Goldblum as he recreates some of the facial expressions and sounds that Goldblum makes–pretty fantastically if we’re being honest.

After his role in Thor: Ragnarok and the news that he’ll be reprising his role as Dr. Ian Malcolm in the new Jurassic World film, pop culture has been a bit more Goldblum-obsessed than usual. We love to see what a good sport he’s been reading thirst tweets about himself and interacting with fans, and it makes us even happier to know that he loves our Jeff Goldblum impressions, uh, uh, just as much as we love uh, doing them.