Have you ever wanted to hear Jeff Goldblum say “covfefe”? Well, today is your lucky day!

Covfefe took the world by storm the other night, when our current President took to Twitter and tweeted out the word. Accidentally? Intentionally? As a joke? No one’s really sure, and the White House is standing firm by their covfefe…whatever it might be.

And now, since this is the year 2017 and this is the world we’re living in right now, covfefe is safe from no one, not even Jeff Goldblum. The cherished national treasure just happened to read out a few of our President’s tweets Wednesday night during his jazz show at Rockwell Table and Stage in Los Angeles (hey, did you know that Jeff Goldblum has a jazz show? Well, now you know, and you should go).

One audience member was ready to go with their cell phone, and recorded the whole glorious covfefe thing. Mr. Goldblum doesn’t just say COVFEFE, he SINGS COVFEFE.

Also, FYI: Jeff pronounces it, “con-feff-ayy.” This is how we all should be pronouncing it from here on out.

During his jazz show, Sir Goldblum likes to take time in-between songs to interact with the crowd. This week’s show included a dramatic reading of more recent presidential tweets from the last 24 hours, covfefe included! This is like Jimmy Kimmel’s segment, Mean Tweets, but this is better, because it’s Jeff Goldblum reading the President’s tweets, and let’s make this a weekly (maybe even daily?) thing!

The crowd loves it. We love it. Isn’t this just what you needed today?

UPDATE: A full video has been posted, and #bless.