These jeans have a fake butt crack attached, proving that denim inventions can always get wilder

Most people don’t want their butt crack hanging out of their jeans. But these new ASOS jeans have you covered with their fake denim butt crack look. Well, sort of. They’re just jeans with a weird middle jean section and two open spots on either side which, of course, make it look like a makeshift butt crack of sorts.

Now, we love a good jean look. Especially if it is Gal Gadot’s breezy blouse and jean combo, or Blake Lively’s Old Navy look. But sometimes, jeans should just be that! Jeans!

Or you can buy these butt crack inspired jeans from ASOS. If you’re feeling up to it.

Here’s what they look like from the front. Cute, right?


And…here’s the back.


And here’s a closer look.


To be honest, it is just strange. Not because there aren’t weird fashion choices out there. Especially when it comes to denim. But why would one want something with a fake crack on the back?

If you’re into it, you can have your fake butt crack jeans for a wonderful $60. That’s right. Or you can just wear jeans that are a little too big and show your own. Whatever works for you.

In the world of denim, we have acid washed or ripped. We have a whole array of colors. But now we have even more confusion coming our way with this fake butt crack look. What’s next?

Now, all those plumbers are probably thinking, “Finally, my time has come!” If you want to give them a try, you can buy these confusing pair of pants on ASOS.

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