Jean-Ralphio finally met Steve from “Stranger Things” and we are freaking out

If you, like the rest of the human population, are obsessively devoted to Stranger Things, then you are absolutely familiar with some of the ~theories~ floating around the Internet. One of our favorite (and one of the most amusing) theories born from the ’80s-inspired sci-fi tale connects the show to one of the most beloved TV comedies of the modern era: Parks and Recreation.

It all started when the Internet began to notice a physical resemblance between Steve (the popular-jerk-turned-somewhat-decent guy and love interest of Nancy Wheeler) on Stranger Things, and Jean-Ralphio (the legendary do-nothing  and spoiled BFF of Tom Haverford) on Parks and Rec.


The Internet was not wrong, y'all. Look at those facial features.

The conclusion was that Steve is the father of Jean-Ralphio, which means that Henry Winkler (who portrayed Jean-Ralphio’s father on Parks and Rec) and Steve are the same person, lololol. Also, Ben Schwartz, the genius who played Jean-Ralphio on the NBC sitcom, has stated his full support of the theory.

But Schwartz just took it one step further — perhaps ~breaking the Internet~.


In this staged video, we see Ben Schwartz  meeting an identically-dressed Joe Keery, who plays Steve Harrington on Stranger Things. “That’s strange,” they utter simultaneously. The caption reads: “Dad and son meet because the Internet.”


Keery then posted this glorious image to his Instagram.

Just teaching your kid to shave — typical father-son activities.

Thank you, Ben and Joe, for giving us everything we ever wanted.

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