Trans teen Jazz Jennings is the new face of Clean & Clear!!!

Let us sing a song of love for 14-year old Jazz Jennings, the transgender teen who transitioned at the age of five and has spent her childhood and young adulthood being a role model and an advocate for young trans people everywhere. Jazz came out to the world on “The Rosie Show” in 2011, in 2012 was interviewed by Barbara Walters on “20/20,” and last year was named one of Time’s 25 Influential Teens of 2014 and published the semi-autobiographical children’s book “I Am Jazz,” intended to help educate young people about what it means to be trans.

Now, Jazz is taking her public profile to the next level by becoming the face of Clean & Clear’s #SeeTheRealMe campaign. The campaign encourages girls to share their personal stories about embracing their true selves on social media. “The ‘See the Real Me’ campaign is so great at helping girls find the courage to open up to their peers and be themselves, and I could really relate to that,” Jazz told PopSugar, in an interview about the campaign. “I knew doing this campaign would help a lot of teens who are struggling like I did.”

Jazz is perfect for this campaign, because girl is ALL about natural beauty: “I’m a no-makeup kind of girl,” she explained in her interview. “I wait for someone to really get to know me, and then they can judge me for who I am. I guess you can say my signature look is beauty comes from within because that’s what I believe in.” And she has some straight-up gorgeous thoughts about inner beauty: “Inner beauty is when you can look in a mirror and push away all the outer thoughts of your appearance, like how your nose looks or how your eyes look, and see yourself for who you are on the inside — and say I am a confident person, I am a strong person, I’m proud of the way I am, I am a kind person. That defines who you are on the inside, and that’s true beauty.”

She continues: “Ever since I was a child, I always knew I wanted to be a girl. And over time, my family began to support me and helped me transition into the girl that I am today. Throughout that process, I was able to find who I am and realize, you know, I am a girl, and I am happy with the way I am. I am beautiful, and I can’t let anyone else judge me for that. I found my inner beauty through the process of becoming myself and becoming a girl.”

Congratulations to the inspiring-times-infinity Jazz, our Queen of the Day. Long may you reign in awesomeness!!! Check out the amaze video Jazz made for #SeeTheRealMe:

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