Jay-Z had a crowd serenade Beyoncé for her birthday

Well, she’s definitely the kind of person who appreciates a grand gesture. Husband Jay-Z celebrated Beyoncé’s birthday in advance by getting the crowd at his Philadephia show to sing a special version of “Happy Birthday” to the singer. Even better, Beyoncé was in the crowd, along with Blue Ivy, to hear the serenade firsthand.

Jay-Z was playing a gig during Budweiser’s Made In America Festival, which took place during September 2nd and 3rd. His sister-in-law Solange also performed during the festival, alongside many others.

Beyoncé is turning 36 today, and we have a feeling that this was a pretty great way to celebrate a brand new year.

"Shout out to Beyoncé. Beautiful Bey is in the house tonight. Happy Birthday my love," Jay-Z said, according to E! News.

Unfortunately, Rumi and Sir weren’t in the audience to hear their dad perform — but we’ve got a feeling that in just a few years, they’ll be joining their mom and big sister.

Last year, Beyoncé celebrated her 35th birthday with a Soul Train-inspired party and had guests like Serena Williams, Kendrick Lamar, and the ladies from Destiny’s Child come to support her.


Of course, she got a ton of birthday wishes from her fans, as well — which she made sure to address on Instagram a day afterward.

While she got to celebrate by having a bunch of her family members in Philadelphia this weekend, we’re wondering if she’ll be planning another big bash with her buddies to ring in the next year. She’s had a fabulous 35th year, so we’re so intrigued to see what 36 will bring.

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