Jay Pharoah has just one problem about hosting the AMAs with Gigi Hadid

Tonight’s American Music Awards show is bound to be unmissable, what with a mysterious performance by Lady Gaga and a collaborative effort by DJ Khaled, Future, Nicki Minaj, and Rick Ross. Plus, the show is breaking its longtime tradition of having actual musicians host the event by featuring a comedian and a model.Yep, Gigi Hadid and Jay Pharoah will be Sunday night’s emcees. But Jay Pharoah has one problem with Gigi Hadid and it’s actually pretty hysterical. Pharoah said that in picturing his and Hadid’s performance on Sunday, he fears he might come up… Short.

"Well, she’s 5’10 and I’m 6’2, so that's great"

Pharoah said in a recent interview with Billboard. Then he went on to set some boundaries:

 "As long as she ain’t taller than me. Them heels cannot be 5 inches, I’m just letting her know. All them heels got to be 4 inches and lower or I'mma put some heels on."

While the currently-touring comedian is obviously joking (it’s what he does best), we would like to see him follow through with that threat, since of course Gigi isn’t going to let anyone’s Napoleon Complex prevent her from bringing her best fashion game to the show!

We’re talking about a woman who wears heels even when she takes power-naps! (We all do that though, right?)

Pharoah might just end up showing up in heels for one of his infamous impressions, like this one:

He did say he might show us some unexpected roles:

"You might see a musician impression. You might see a couple more that you didn’t expect."

Whether or not he is in heels, she is in heels, or they both wear FLATS, we’re sure that the show is going to be great. How could it not with these two?


Tune into the AMAs tonight on ABC at 8 p.m., EST.

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