Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde partied at the White House, and the story is epic

Getting an invite to the last Obama party is a big deal — and that’s why actors Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde’s White House experience is definitely one you want to hear. The couple, who are two of the most relatable celebrities on the scene today, were invited to the event and didn’t really know what to expect.

Sudeikis visited the set of Late Night with Seth Meyers and chatted with his old Saturday Night Live co-star about the night. From the sounds of it, it was definitely a memorable time.

Of course, first he was coy with the details.

"It's off the record, but for you? And you?" Sudeikis said with a smile, pointing to the audience. "It was amazing. I've never been to the White House before."

Most of the story, which you can hear below, took place in the security line. According to Sudeikis, the security was (understandably) quite tight.


First, Sudeikis mentioned the guest list. Let’s just say that when you’re the president, and you have a party, most people will make a point to be there.

"Evidently, they sent out like, 800 invites, I think they got 2 back that said they couldn't be there," Sudeikis said.

Pretty impressive, but definitely something we’d expect.

We also love Sudeikis chatting about the security. There were fans, there were dogs, and most importantly, there were no cell phones. Which as Sudeikis learned, is very tough to deal with when you’re the father of a brand new infant.

"You had to check your phone," Sudeikis said. "Olivia and I put our phones in a lunch bag and they just rolled it up like Mom used to do, and then we write in Sharpie, our last name and then hand it to some lady...Sure enough it came back."

Sudeikis admitted that he felt “phantom ringing” throughout the night, and felt weird without the ability to openly showcase pictures of his daughter, Daisy.

But the best part of all? It was the perfect ending to a pretty funny beginning. Sudeikis recollected about when he first met President Obama, back when he was just a senator. It was in 2007, on the set of Saturday Night Live, and Sudeikis was dressed as Spongebob Squarepants.


The skit, called “The Clintons’ Halloween Party,” is definitely a blast from the past — and is still pretty funny.

We’re so glad that Jason Sudeikis shared his experience! Surely it was a night that he and Olivia will never forget.

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