Jason Momoa helped this fighter prepare with a traditional shirtless dance, and we can’t look away

We just watched Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa perform a traditional dance to wish his good friend UFC fighter Mark Hunt luck in an upcoming fight. And we can say, without a doubt, that it’s probably the coolest thing you’ll see all day. According to TMZ, the awesome Aquaman star and Hunt became friends while training at Australia’s Heartbreak gym over the past few weeks. And since Hunt has a fight coming up in New Zealand, the family got together to perform for him.

The traditional war dance, called a “Haka,” originated in Samoa, and is typically performed on the battlefield, or when two groups come together in peace. If you’re as social media obsessed as we are, you may have seen it performed in wedding reception videos and other touching ceremonies across the web.

Hunt, who refers to himself as The Super Samoan, shared the footage of the men engaging in the ritual. And we can’t stop watching the videos. They’re filled with so much beautiful tradition, which we absolutely appreciate. And of course, watching the gorgeous, shirtless men getting their grooves on didn’t hurt either.

Take a look at Jason Momoa and the rest of the Heartbreak family performing the traditional haka dance, below!


Posted on Mark Hunt’s Instagram, the video was published in a few parts. The first being a video of the men gearing up for the epic sendoff.

The second part shows the guys getting into action. And it was oh so powerful to watch.


And the last video is of the handsome men posing for a cool shot in its aftermath.


“Blown away is [an] understatement,” the UFC fighter wrote on Instagram. And we totally concur. Not only was it heartwarming to watch the men come together for the occasion, it was also such a powerful experience to view from the outside.