Jason Momoa’s Super Bowl ad has everyone going, “What the heck did I just watch?”

Uh, so, we’re feeling…weird. Jason Momoa starred in a Rocket Mortgage commercial that aired during the Super Bowl last night, February 2nd, and it’s really freaking strange. If you have yet to see it, we must warn you, it involves Momoa literally stripping his muscles off his body, and TBH, you may never look at the actor the same way again.

The premise behind Rocket Mortgage’s Super Bowl 2020 commercial is that the company will help you maintain peace of mind and allow you to “be yourself” within your own home. What does “being oneself” look like to Jason Momoa? Well, it looks like the actor stripping his muscular arms and abs off to reveal a completely different, and skinny AF, body.

Oh, and he takes it hair off, too. And also Lisa Bonet is there. We warned you guys that it gets freaky.


Judging by the general freakout on Twitter, we clearly weren’t the only ones who were feeling uneasy. false



We’re getting flashbacks to our childhoods in an unexpected way…

Don’t get us wrong—we laughed. But we think we only laughed because we were feeling uncomfortable.

Welp, we don’t really know what else to say. It’s not that he necessarily looks bad. It’s just that he looks different. Can we ever look at Jason Momoa the same way again? Um, not really. We will forever be scarred by those skinny arms and that balding mullet. Thanks, Rocket Mortgage. You’ve really done it.

You think you know someone…*sigh.*

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