Jason Momoa shirtless dancing with an ice sculpture will totally make your Friday a little cooler

Jason Momoa quickly found a place in our hearts as one of our favorite muscular, badass dudes. We first fell in love with him as the intimidating Khal Drogo who fell in love with Daenerys on Game of Thrones. Now, we are eagerly awaiting Jason’s role in Aquaman and Justice League, where Jason will reprise his role as Aquaman in Batman v. Superman. Jason has been showing off his goofy, fun side on Instagram, and that was on full display as Jason said goodbye to his favorite haunt while filming Aquaman.

Jason Momoa was definitely feeling the massive ice sculpture at the Bull in a China Shop, his fave spot while filming Justice League.

"My home away from home. The bull. Going away. I'll miss u I love u"

Then things got crazy as Jason officially signaled the end of his time at The Bull in the craziest way.

WOW, we can’t even believe he was able to lift that massive ice sculpture. But also, hello dreamboat! Jason looks super hunky with his shirt off and his goofy dancing as he smashes that ice sculpture. that’s our favorite thing about him — that he has such a fabulous sense of humor.

One things for sure, he knows how to make an exit.

We expect nothing less of a superhero!

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