Jason Momoa shaved off his iconic beard, looks like entirely new human

A moment of silence, please, for the bearded Jason Momoa that we have all grown to know and love. As of yesterday, April 17th, Drogo himself is officially…clean-shaven. The Aquaman actor took to Instagram and YouTube to reveal his unexpected transformation to fans—and to explain the important reason why he decided to shave his seven-year-old beard.

"Goodbye DROGO, AQUAMAN, DECLAN, BABA," Momoa captioned his video, shouting out his most memorable on-screen roles. "I'm SHAVING this beast off, It's time to make a change. A change for the better...for my kids, your kids, the world. Let’s make a positive change for the health of our planet."

“Let’s clean up our oceans,” he continued, “our land. Join me on this journey. Let’s make the switch to infinitely recyclable aluminum. Water in cans, not plastic.”

As he talked, he took bits of his beard and threw them into the wind. At the end of the video, he took a deep swig of canned water. “It’s just water, but I feel good about it,” he said. And he should: In addition to helping the environment, avoiding plastic water bottles might actually be good for your health.

We won’t spoil the surprise of what clean-shaven Jason Momoa looks like (you’ll have to watch his video for that) but we will say…pretty damn good.

Thanks for helping the planet, Aquaman.

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