“Game of Thrones'” Jason Momoa just revealed that his kids are as badass as he is

It’s no secret that Jason Momoa is an all-around badass. Let’s be real for a quick sec — not only did Momoa play Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones (which is obviously enough badass-ery to last an entire lifetime),he also played Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and will be starring as Aquaman AGAIN in the recently announced Aquaman movie.

So yeah, badass.

But we had absolutely no idea that his kids are also straight-up, tiny badasses. Although TBH, it’s not at all surprising. When Momoa took his adorable kids (8-year-old Lola and 7-year-old Nakoa-Wolf) rock-climbing, they proved to be just as strong as their dad.

Here’s Momoa being ridiculously strong:

And here’s his son climbing to the top of the wall like it ain’t no thang while his daughter helps belay:

Plus, here’s Nakoa-Wolf once again proving his strength:

The kids’ aren’t just lucky in the dad department, they also have a mom who’s just as empowering — Lisa Bonet (aka Denise Huxtable, from The Cosby Show). Together, both parents seem like the most perfect and loving role models a kid could ever hope for, and we’re so in love with their adorable family.

Seriously. Just look at them:

We’re experiencing some serious #FamilyGoals now.

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