Jason Momoa sipped a beer then threw a bullseye with a tomahawk because of course he did

Jason Momoa straight up killed it as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones. The powerhouse performance put him on the map in a major way.

No one plays a wild man in Hollywood like Momoa. And it’s possible that the reason he excels at these roles is because he’s kind of a wild dude IRL.

Recently, on Instagram, Momoa reminded us just how much he loves his crazy stunts. He posted a video this weekend in which he tells the camera how much he loves “[drinking] beer and throwing tomahawks.” He then proceeds to take a sip of his beer and throw a tomahawk at a target. He hits it in the bullseye, because OF COURSE he does.

He yells out in a hilarious (and NSFW) way in the wake of his accomplishment, which felt like a proper response after hitting a bullseye WITH A FREAKING TOMAHAWK.

“That’s our commercial, that’s our commercial!” a spectator in the background adds. It’s obviously a joke, but there’s some truth there. Momoa’s tomahawk moves feel so badass it kind of does feel like he could use them to sell beer. Or man buns. Or, like, whatever Momoa wanted to sell. We basically do whatever he wants because, well, he’s Jason Momoa.

Of course, this leads us to wonder if Momoa employs his crazy tomahawk-throwing in any of his upcoming films or series.

Aside from his major role as Aquaman in the DC universe, he’s got a lead in the upcoming dystopian cannibal love story The Bad Batch. Tomahawks TOTALLY belong in dystopia, right? Or maybe he’ll show off his tomahawk throwing skills in his new (intense) TV show, Frontier.

Bottom line, this guy keeps getting more entertaining and impressive by the day and we’re stoked we’ll get to see so much of him in the future.

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