Jasmine just got the most drastic Disney Princess makeover ever

Prepare for a whole new world…OF FASHION!

Literally overnight, Princess Jasmine said “out with the old, in with the new” and debuted a brand new look at both Disney World and Disneyland (this same outfit will soon appear around the world, and on the Disney Cruise Line, too. But it’s hard to transport things quickly by carpet, you know?).


This is a complete departure from the two-piece costume we’ve seen the Princess of Agrabah wear for the last 24 years (do you feel old right now?). She’s also now got long sleeves, new shoes, and a new ‘do to really complete the new look. At least her outfit is still the same turquoise-green color that we’re used to seeing. Everything else is completely different.

Different, but also pretty cool. Check out her golden belt — do you see Rajah’s face?


Disney has slowly been rolling out brand new costumes for all the princesses in the park, and Jasmine’s one of the last to get a new look. While obviously an updated wardrobe is never a bad thing, according to those in the Disney Princess know, one of the main reasons for this change is that many were complaining about Jasmine showing her stomach — which is totally understandable, especially taking young body-conscious girls into consideration. But like also, that’s the character’s look from the movie in accordance with the setting and time period of the story, YOU KNOW?  LET JASMINE BE JASMINE.

And forever shoutout to the fact that she’s the only Disney Princess to wear pants.

She’s still wearing pants (yas) just now completely covered up, head to toe. Whatever the motivation behind this new look, we’re cool with it. We’re not exactly used to this yet, but we’ll get used to this eventually, and then ? share this whole new world ? with Jasmine.

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