Jasmine and Aladdin reunited IRL and our ’90s-loving hearts can’t deal

We’ve got two kinds of feels going on right now: ’90s feels, and then Disney-happy-ending feels. Over the weekend at the giant D23 Disney convention, one of our favorite on-screen princess and (almost) prince couples reunited, and were amazingly cute together. Seeing Aladdin and Princess Jasmine hanging out is like, well, a whole new world.

D23 brought back some of the creative team behind the Disney classic, along with its voice talent, too. On hand were the voices of Princess Jasmine (Linda Larkin), and Prince Ali (Scott Weinger). Right now, you miiight be more familiar with Weinger because of what he’s been up to recently: he’s reprising his role as Full House‘s Steve Hale on Fuller House and we cannot WAIT.

BUT. Right now, this is all about Aladdin. Check out these two together again after all these years.

But don’t get your hopes up for a “Whole New World” duet, since they didn’t break out into song at the reunion. That’s because Larkin and Weigner weren’t actually the singing voices for Jasmine and Aladdin (that honor went to Lea Salonga and Brad Kane, and Kane did actually break out into song on the panel). But, the two did reminisce about the filming, and the whole panel touched on the late, great Robin Williams, who voiced Genie. The upcoming re-release of Aladdin on DVD and Blu-Ray will actually include a never-before-scene from Aladdin that Williams recorded, but was never animated. So start getting excited to check that out.

After the panel was over, Weinger headed into Disney’s California Adventure (conveniently located right next door to the Anaheim Convention Center) and stopped by the Aladdin stage show there.

This is also now the perfect time to bring up the best Full House episode ever, when the whole Tanner Family goes to Disney World. But Steve is left behind, and DJ keeps seeing him everywhere, including dressed up as Aladdin. WE SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, DISNEY.

So basically, the ’90s feels are still alive and well with Aladdin and Jasmine. Let’s keep it that way forever.

(Image via Disney)


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