It’s kind of crazy how much “Gilmore Girls'” Jared Padalecki’s sons look like him

We’ve known Jared Padalecki a long time, by which we mean we’ve been watching him on our television screens since he was, like, eighteen. What’s really wild about that (other than the fact that homeboy has been consistently working now for, what, almost two decades? What a feat) is the fact that now Jared Padalecki has two kids and we’re going to (hopefully) get to watch them grow up via social media.

And what’s wild about THAT (stay with us) is the fact that his kids already look exactly like him?

We fully expect that a decade down the line we’re going to see a young Gilmore Girls-esque Dean look-alike and be like ‘Did we time travel?’ only to realize that it’s actually a Padalecki Jr.

Jared shared the above pic (TOO CUTE) with the following caption, and we’re caught between laughing and doing a double take at how like their father they look! It’s not even the fake mustache (although maybe it is the shaggy hair…).

"Shep, Tom, and I, mustache you a question.... how was your New Years?!?! #MySonTheLorax"


With this in mind, it seems that Jared no longer has to worry about “breaking” his boys. Back in 2014, he told People, “As they get older, you can play and communicate — it’s fine. When they’re babies, you’re like, ‘I don’t want to break you. I have big hands, I’m sorry.’” We imagine that many parents out there can relate to Jared’s fear, but it seems like he’s doing an amazing job as a dad!

Plus, we totally love his Instagrams and captions, and we hope that the handsome Padalecki boys had a good New Years, too!

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