Jared Padalecki celebrated his birthday with an epic keg stand (and help from Jensen Ackles)

It’s hard not to picture him as high schooler Dean Forrester, but Jared Padalecki just celebrated his 35th birthday. That’s right — the big 3-5. And during an appearance on Conan, he admitted how he normally spends big occasions like this. Typically, he streaks.

Of course, since Conan is a family-friendly show, he didn’t decide to partake for the audience. While his Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles tried to dispell the rumor, Padalecki joked that typically the streaking happens the day after his birthday, since “we’ve had too much to drink.”

And, well, that? That’s something that Conan and his crew could work with. What better way to celebrate than with a keg stand?


"We used to sneak kegs into each other's trailers," Ackles said. "Warner Brothers, don't listen. And as the years got on, then the kegs became half-kegs....and then it just became embarrassing, it was maybe a beer."

Ackles said that keg stands were only okay on two occasions — being in a fraternity, or being on Conan.

With a little help, Padalecki managed to pull it off.


And yes — we’re definitely impressed, as he’s reportedly 6’4″. And we’re also impressed by the beer itself. Ackles revealed that his family was in the process of opening up a brewery in Austin, and this birthday keg was their very first. At least we know that Padalecki had a memorable 35th birthday.

Supernatural has been on the air for 12 seasons, with a 13th season on the way, so we’re sure they have a lot more funny anecdotes to share. We’ll be waiting patiently for a tell-all book.

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