Jared Leto gave a heart-wrenching tribute to friend Chester Bennington at the 2017 VMAs

Last night’s VMAs had us in tears a few times — but one of the biggest moments was Jared Leto’s tribute to Chester Bennington. As you know, the frontman for Linkin Park was found dead, and his cause of death was ruled a suicide. Shockingly, the singer passed away on a legendary day — the birthday of fellow rock star Chris Cornell, who also took his life this year. Leto and Bennington were especially close,  so the tribute from last night was straight from the heart.

"I think about his wife and his six incredible children," Leto said, straight into the camera. "I think about his family, I think about his band, who were really his brothers. And I remember his voice, at once ferocious and delicate. That voice will live forever."


Leto touched on his early life, and also mentioned Cornell. Leto, who also performs in the band 30 Seconds To Mars, toured with both of them and was able to see their incredible friendship up close.

"Witnessing his life taught me important things," Leto added. "Working relentlessly, pursuing dreams, and being kind and caring while doing it."

We think the tribute was absolutely perfect. Not only did it shine such a light on both Bennington and Cornell, but it pushed a very important message.

Leto ended his tribute by touching on the importance of opening up about mental health.

"You are not alone. There is always a way forward. Reach out, share your thoughts, do not give up, and I promise you this. The absolute biggest breakthroughs in life lie just beyond the darkest days," he said.

Jared Leto’s words were truly touching. And, we’re not quite sure anyone could have said them any better.

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