Jared Leto kinda messed up with his neighbors on Halloween (but totally made up for it on Thanksgiving)

‘Tis the season for nog, stockings, and ending seething grudges. Jared Leto, the Jordan Catalano we can never quite forget, was proactive this week in stopping a cycle of resentment that’s been plaguing him for a month, and he did it in a way that would win our (and Angela Chase’s) forgiveness for just about anything.

On the night of Halloween, the Oscar winner caused a beef with his neighbors, throwing a massive party at his Laurel Canyon pad. People weren’t overly concerned about the noise; Laurel Canyon is a famous haven of rock stars, and the real problem in the neighborhood isn’t the ragers, but rather the traffic and parking. The winding, narrow road in the hills can be tricky to navigate. The area has very specific parking rules, and this led to some serious issues on the night of Leto’s party.

According to TMZ, one neighbor, in that politely-furious way you’d imagine is the de rigueur tone when one is upset with an Academy Award-winning actor, took to the neighborhood Facebook page to express their irritation, writing “”Perhaps you could educate all the people coming to your place the proper etiquette of driving uphill/downhill so as to not wreak havoc … your guests should respect the residents and not park on the wrong side!”

Leto, who is new to the Laurel Canyon area, apparently wasn’t aware that the typical move when throwing a party is to get a shuttle service for guests. This way, guests can park outside of the canyon and not infuriate residents with driving incompetence. Now, who knows whether Leto reads the Laurel Canyon Facebook page (although we kind of hope he pores over it, and please someone, make this a webseries,) but it’s clear the actor and musician sensed a chill in the air. Apparently desperate to make bygones bygones before Christmas, Jared Leto took himself to Whole Foods and picked up a big batch of pumpkin pies, delivering them to each of his neighbors. No word from the neighbors, but we assume this is a case of forgive and forget. An A-Lister, showing up at your door with an apologetic but most likely organic and locally sourced pie? Your move, Lloyd Dobbler. ( Image via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

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