Jared Leto’s 1991 Coca-Cola commercial is the best and weirdest thing you’ll see today

Let’s just admit that growing up, we all had some pretty interesting odd jobs. Maybe you worked at a fish market, maybe you scooped popcorn at a movie theater, maybe you waited tables, or folded clothes, and maybe you’re still doing those things right now — that’s fine!!

But none of us can ever say that we once had to have a rollerblade-dance fight over a can of Coke for a paycheck. But once upon a time in the early ’90s, Jared Leto did. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPQDvTMesmQ

Oh yes, the early ’90s. Times were different then, and so were commercials. Roughly three years before Leto would land a spot on My So-Called Life (and earn a forever place in our hearts) he starred in a Coke commercial that had him in school, and then he needed to rollerblade away…and then he ended up at a dance rave inside the Coke machine?


It’s all very confusing, and looking back on it, hilarious. The commercial is about two minutes long, so there’s no way you’d ever sit through the whole thing today without furiously trying to click SKIP AD.

But this one, we want to sit through, if not just as another remind that no matter what year, age, or beverage of choice, Leto is always going to be a dreamboat. You deserve that Coke!